Garden BirdWatch 2020

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Garden Bird Watch

Garden Bird Watch (GBW) is an opportunity for you and your family to step out and enjoy the nature at your own backyard. The birds that visit our garden are common birds; but they too could be declining without our notice. Some birds like Green Imperial Pigeon could be expanding its range visiting your home gardens more frequently now; but without observations we would not know.

Let’s step out, watch birds and have a note on different bird species seen (with their numbers if possible). Enter the observations on to mark your own home garden on the global ebird landscape.

Please get your colleagues and relatives too to do Garden BirdWatch. It is indeed a relaxing exercise that will also gives us an opportunity observe the nature on our own backyard.

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Meet Common Garden Birds

Use this as a guide to identify Common Garden Birds [photo credits: Sumithra Weeratunga/ Hari Namasivayam]. We invite you to photograph the common garden birds and share with us. The photos will be uploaded to this page.

How to submit records

Enter the observations to to mark your own home garden on the global ebird landscape. eBird is easy to operate and those who are new to eBird, Follow this video guide for more instructions. Also click on this for instructions on using eBird mobile app: How to use eBird Mobile app

Please share the link of your check list to eBird user ABC2020 or email

Alternatively, you can use the web form provided in the following link to submit the records if you find an issue entering them on eBird.


If you find it difficult to identify any bird species, note down the features such as general coloration, shape of the beak, shape of the tail, legs or any other special characters that may help to identify and include it in the last text box.

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